Ariel, a participant at the Mi Casa Neighborhood Center on the Lake Campus, stands out for her consistent attendance, strong academic improvement, and commitment to treating herself and others with respect.

Ariel has at times had trouble relating to her peers and managing her feelings. Yet despite these difficulties, Mi Casa has watched with pride as Ariel has applied the life skills she learned with her case manager to blossom into a thoughtful, expressive and artistic young lady.

Through Mi Casa, Ariel has received individual tutoring after school, which has helped her bring her grades up in science, language arts and history. In addition, through her afterschool club activities, Ariel has learned about colleges and careers, computer programming, hip-hop culture, life skills, and financial literacy.

“I love Mi Casa because everyone is happy and having fun,” she says. “At Mi Casa I learned to work together with different kinds of people, and they helped me find the courage to meet new people.”