Volunteer Spotlight: Ivan

Ivan was searching the Colorado Nonprofit Association database for places to volunteer when he found Mi Casa Resource Center last September.

With a master’s degree in social work and prior experience helping people job search, Mi Casa’s Career Center was the perfect fit for Ivan to combine his skills and passion.

“I volunteer at Mi Casa because I can help people find jobs, and as a bilingual volunteer, I can help the Spanish speaking community,” said Ivan.

As a volunteer career coach, Ivan helps community job seekers with whatever is needed to secure employment. Through multiple appointments with one job seeker, Jose, Ivan walked through the job searching and hiring process from start to finish.

Ivan taught Jose how to set up an email account, navigate job searching websites and create a resume and cover letter. And after Jose was hired, Ivan helped him fill out the necessary paperwork.

Ivan said he enjoys combating negative stereotypes of Latinos through his volunteering at Mi Casa.

“Mi Casa is helping the Spanish community by understanding its needs and breaking the cycle of stereotyping,” said Ivan. “Some people have the perspective that Latinos are lazy and on welfare, but I like to help the Hispanic community show their good side and what they have to offer.”

Ivan said motivation is the most important factor a Career Center volunteer can offer.

“When people are job searching their self-esteem often goes down because they see all the skills that jobs require and think they can never measure up,” said Ivan. “But letting job seekers know the skills they already have, and embracing those skills, empowers people.”

Mi Casa is very grateful for Ivan’s career coaching expertise, and the support and empowerment he gives community job seekers at the Career Center.

To learn about volunteer opportunities at Mi Casa, click here.

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