New Low-Cost Courses Help Small Business Owners Grow to the Next Level

Katrina BoldryIt’s easy for entrepreneurs to get caught up in the day to day activities of running a business and have little time left to focus on the strategic, long-term vision of growing a business. That’s why Mi Casa offers Listening to Your Business, a workshop specifically designed to help business owners, who have been in business 1 to 4 years, establish a 3-year vision.

After participation in this course, entrepreneurs are encouraged to continue their business development through a 7 week Business Breakthrough class.

Katrina Boldry, owner of Denver-based specialty leash and dog harness company Bold Lead Designs, discovered ways to improve her business performance and identified her most promising growth opportunities through the Listening to Your Business workshop and then later through the Business Breakthrough course. She left the class equipped with a strategic action plan, which helped her more than double sales within a year.

“Having a resource like the low-cost classes at Mi Casa to help navigate the world of business, keep moving in the right direction and find the most efficient way to do things is a tremendous service,” said Katrina.

In the Business Breakthrough course, established small business owners learn how to analyze their current business situation, identify the best growth opportunities, and develop leadership and management skills. Business owners leave the class with a workable business plan to meet growth objectives.

“With a strong focus on strategy and networking, these courses help entrepreneurs overcome challenges and grow to the next level,” said Elena Vasconez, Director of Mi Casa’s Women’s Business Center.

Katrina said the Business Breakthrough class helped clarify details and keep operations running smoothly while she was expanding her business. She now sells custom leads, collars and harnesses online through her own website, as well as through, and at nearly a dozen retailers throughout the Denver area.

“Launching and growing a business is an overwhelming process,” said Katrina. “It’s really helpful to have ongoing access to classes and workshops for learning and support.”

Katrina is just one of the many local entrepreneurs Mi Casa has helped grow operations to the next level. In fact, Mi Casa has become a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs throughout the Denver community looking to expand their businesses.

“The high level of business expertise we offer, as well as connections to community resources, allows business owners to turn their dreams of growth into a reality,” said Elena.

Mi Casa’s next Listening to Your Business workshop is offered August 22. The registration fee is $15, but only $10 for the first 10 who register. To secure your spot, please register online here. To learn more visit or call 303-573-1302.

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