Mona's Story

????????Before attending Mi Casa’s Customer Service career training, Mona – a single mother of a son with a disability – was struggling to make ends meet. Unable to work due to the amount of care and handful of weekly doctor appointments her toddler son required, Mona was receiving help from TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), but this assistance was not enough to cover the necessities.

Mona came to Mi Casa confused and overwhelmed, knowing she needed extra training to stand out among other job seekers due to her period of unemployment, but unsure of how or where to begin the job search process.

“Right away, Mi Casa’s career training made me feel hopeful for the future and my employment goals,” said Mona. “The instructor’s advice to find a job that fit well with our needs was really helpful, because I knew I needed a job with more flexible hours in order to care for my son.”

Besides learning industry focused customer service skills, Mi Casa’s career training taught Mona about time management, conflict resolution, self-care, personal finance, goal setting, and more.

“Not only did I learn how to demonstrate a strong work ethic and professionalism, I learned how important it is to plan for the future and to budget and save my money,” said Mona.

“I also learned a lot about myself, such as how to indentify my strengths, as well as how to identify areas I can improve on, and turn my weaknesses into strengths.”

Mi Casa’s career training also provided Mona with job search support, including resume writing assistance, effective job search techniques, and interviewing skills.

After graduating from Mi Casa’s Customer Service training program, Mona was hired by a car dealership as a Verifier. She has almost completed her first year of employment there and is thriving.

“I love my job and see myself staying here, I feel valued and there are opportunities for growth,” said Mona. “And for the first time I am receiving benefits, I just signed up for my 401k which makes me feel even more hopeful for the future.”

Mona has already received a raise and is in line for a possible promotion.

“I love everything about Mi Casa, I learned so much from the career training and grew a lot both professionally and personally,” said Mona. “”It was an amazing experience and I always recommend Mi Casa to others.”

Mona said, “Not only did Mi Casa help me get this job, Mi Casa helped me keep it by preparing me for employment and giving me the tools to be successful.”

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