Middle School Students of the Month: Miguel & Gabi

Congrats to Miguel and Gabi, the latest students of the month at Mi Casa’s Neighborhood Center at Lake Middle School!

Miguel, a 6th grader at Lake International, has attended Mi Casa Neighborhood Center’s programs every day this school year. He also attends Homework Zone every day after school and often encourages other students to join him.

“Miguel is incredibly polite and respectful,” said Mi Casa Youth & Family Development program staff, “And he also helps out other students with their homework.”

After completing his secondary education, Miguel hopes to attend Duke University. “Miguel has a very bright future here at Lake International and will be highly successful in anything he undertakes,” said Mi Casa Staff.

Gabi, a 6th grader, transferred to STRIVE middle school in the middle of last semester. New to the area, Mi Casa’s Neighborhood Center at Lake middle school has served as a place for Gabi to make new friends.

“She has quickly become one of our all-stars here at the program,” said Mi Casa staff. “She is incredibly friendly and helpful.”

Gabi is known to get along with everyone and has become fast friends with other students. Mi Casa staff is very excited to have her as a new participant in their programs.

Both Gabi’s and Miguel’s parents are participants in Mi Casa’s family and community programs.

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