Mi Casa Unveils an Impactful New Video

Mi Casa’s new programmatic impact video shows how the agency helps individuals and families achieve their dreams of educational advancement and economic independence.

“Yes, dreams come true if you work hard on it and you have the right help too,” Marjorie Silva, owner of Azucar Bakery explains in the new Mi Casa video.

Marjorie turned her love of baking into a business when she immigrated to America from Peru 12 years ago.  A loan institution referred Marjorie to Mi Casa after learning she had no business plan, though her business was quickly growing too large to operate out of her home.

Mi Casa was able to provide Marjorie with the business development skills she needed to turn her growing venture into a profitable and successful business.

“I think my success is owed to Mi Casa,” she said.

Mi Casa also helps those who want to pursue more traditional careers realize their goals. Zulma Oronia, a mother of three young children, lost hope after losing her job.

Zulma took one of Mi Casa’s career development programs and gained the professionalism and confidence she needed to get a job to support her family.

She now works at a non-profit full-time and says she appreciates the fact she can always come back to Mi Casa for whatever resources she needs.

“I do consider Mi Casa part of my family,” Zulma said.

Mi Casa also offers youth & family development programs, including leadership and afterschool enrichment programs for students that enable entire families to reach their fullest potential.

Without these programs, Sheryl Vega said she would worry about her children.

“My kids would basically be latchkey kids, letting themselves in and being left up to their own devices without supervision…who knows how bad something like that could have been,” Sheryl said.

She said knowing her kids are safe gives her the freedom to pursue opportunities to better her family. Her daughter, Destiny Jones, is employed by Mi Casa in a leadership program and mentors younger students.

“I’m thankful for what Mi Casa has done for me and my family, and I can’t wait to see what else it can do,” Destiny said.

Through advancing the economic prosperity of business owners, individuals and families, Mi Casa has helped many achieve their dreams since its beginning in 1976.

To view our new video click here.

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