Mi Casa Neighborhood Center Students of the Month: Mariposa & Tajon

Mi Casa Neighborhood Center is proud to announce our middle school students of the month Mariposa and Tajon!



Mariposa, a 6th grader from Lake Middle School, is known for her friendliness and her ability to get along with everyone. She has been consistently attending Mi Casa’s afterschool programs since the beginning of the school year and is always an active participant. An avid reader and trivia queen, Mariposa frequently knows the answer to the “Trivia of the Day” question.




Tajon, a 6th grader from STRIVE pictured at left, recently started attending Mi Casa’s afterschool programs and is quickly becoming one of the star students. He is known for his outgoing personality, natural leadership and positivity. Tajon is very helpful and often leads other students in helping out at the Neighborhood Center. A talented dancer, Tajon won the dancing competition at the last Family Night!

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