Mi Casa Neighborhood Center Students of the Month: Antonio & Destiny

AntonioAntonio, a 6th grader at Lake IB, has attended afterschool programs at Mi Casa’s Neighborhood Center at the Lake Campus almost every day since the start of the school year. Mi Casa Youth & Family Development team members admire Antonio’s hard work to succeed and improved choices.

Antonio is known for his polite and respectful demeanor as well as his sense of humor and good-natured spirit. And underneath it all, Antonio possesses great strength.

“I admire how resilient Antonio is and how no matter what happens, he never stays upset with anyone,” said Mi Casa staff. “He always bounces back with a positive attitude.”

“Antonio’s a joy to have in our programs,” said Mi Casa staff, “We are all very proud of him.”



Destiny, a 6th grader at Lake, is very involved in Mi Casa’s afterschool programs as well as school and extracurricular activities. She is on the school’s basketball team and was recently recorded on an attendance list as having achieved 95% or higher school day attendance.

Destiny has a strong love of learning and always makes sure she understands the solution to Mi Casa’s math or word problem “Trivia of the Day.” This love of learning is an example to others and will allow her to excel in future academic endeavors.

“Destiny is a great listener and very witty,” said Mi Casa staff.  “And she is very polite, well-spoken, friendly, and respectful.”



The families of  Antonio and Destiny are also involved in Mi Casa’s Youth & Family Development programs. To learn more about the programs and services Mi Casa’s Neighborhood Centers offer adults and families, click here.

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