Luis's Story

LuisLuis Ramos was inspired to start his own business after his wife became pregnant with their second child and said she wanted more time to take care of their children than her job as a full-time field worker allowed. So Luis started his own concrete construction business and his wife has not had to work ever since.

Originally from Mexico, Luis’ family moved to California when he was a young child. His father was a field worker and Luis followed in his father’s footsteps before beginning a career in construction at the age of 25.

After moving to Colorado in 1997, Luis was determined to start his own business after learning of  his wife’s desire to spend more time raising their family and started a concrete construction business with a partner the same year. His partner bought out the business a year later and soon after Luis started JCL Concrete, specializing in foundations and flat-work.

Within four years, JCL Concrete was generating over 2 million in revenue. However, the economic downturn heavily impacted his business from 2009 to 2011 and almost forced Luis to close down due to low bid prices and the scarcity of construction jobs. During this difficult time, Luis turned to Mi Casa’s Women’s Business Center for support.

“Mi Casa’s business training inspired me to start hitting it hard and going for it, even though many construction companies were struggling,” said Luis, who attended Mi Casa’s 13-week Exito para Negocios (Business Success) class.

While attending Exito para Negocios, Luis received valuable onLuis2e-on-one business counseling from Mi Casa.

“I was advised to go directly to companies to solicit jobs, which worked extremely well,” said Luis. “And after completing these jobs, we often received more contracts through recommendations.”

Luis said Mi Casa’s  business training helped him learn how to interact more professionally with prospective clients and also armed him with marketing skills.

“I learned it is best to keep things simple and to the point,” said Luis, who said his business has significantly grown through word of mouth recommendations.

The success of his business allowed Luis to send his daughter to college debt-free and also pay for his son’s trade school education.

Luis continues to receive business counseling from Mi Casa to ensure his business continues to grow. And business is booming for JCL Concrete, which has non-stop work lined up for the next few months.

Luis has no doubts his business will experience exponential growth in the coming year. He said, “We have so much work right now, we can barely keep up.”

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