How to Job Search Effectively

job search tipsJob searching can be overwhelming. But understanding how to create effective resumes and cover letters, as well as where to search for jobs, can make the job search process much easier.

Resumes The first step in a job search is creating or updating a resume.

Resumes should contain the following information:

-Name and Contact Information
-Past Work Experience
-Awards/Certifications (if applicable)

Resumes should not:

-Contain the words “I” and “my”
-Be written in full sentences
-Be over a page in length

Rather than making a general resume listing every job you have held and all your skills, it is important to tailor your resume to each job you are applying for. Carefully read each job description to pick out the key skills and qualifications the employer is seeking. Then incorporate whichever of these credentials you have into a resume for that specific position. Make sure to bullet text and keep phrases succinct and focused.

Cover Letters allow you to express your interest in the specific position you are applying for, demonstrate your knowledge of the company, and share what uniquely qualifies you above other candidates.

Just as with resumes, cover letters should be tailored to each position you apply for. Keep cover letters short and to the point. Do not be afraid to use bullet points to highlight your qualifications. Ensure your contact information is included and end the letter by thanking the reader for their consideration.

Job Searching can be done effectively online or offline.

Online job search engines, such as Indeed and Simply Hired, aggregate job postings from all over the web and allow job seekers to narrow their search by location and keywords. And Andrew Hudson’s Job List has a section dedicated specifically to bilingual jobs.

If you would rather job search offline, Mi Casa TalentSource is a Denver staffing agency specializing in connecting bilingual workers to customer service, administration and accounting positions.

Hitting the pavement in professional clothes with copies of your resume and cover letter and inquiring about job openings can also prove successful if you are searching for retail or restaurant jobs. Often these establishments do not post open positions due to high turnover rates.

Keep Positive Remember that though job searching can be very discouraging, it is vital to keep hopeful and continue applying for openings.

Most importantly, keep a positive attitude. Set yourself a goal of applying to several jobs a day and give yourself a day off to rest when you start to feel burned out.

Additional Resources

To make a personal appointment for free resume and cover letter help or job search assistance, call Mi Casa’s Innovation Lab at 303-388-8213. To learn more about Mi Casa TalentSource call 303-539-5691. For other job searching tips visit

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