Free Job Training for Residents of 80205 Zip Code

Denver Green Jobs Initiative announces the availability of free job training, support services and job placement assistance to help unemployed and disadvantaged residents of the Five Points area (80205 zip code) launch careers with strong earning and advancement potential in Colorado’s high-growth green industries:

o Solar Energy Technology
o Green Construction
o Energy Efficiency and Weatherization
o Green Jobs Administration and Sales

Denver Green Jobs Initiative is currently recruiting for all classes, which range from introductory to high-level certification courses. Denver Green Jobs Initiative is reaching out to our friends to help us spread the word about this great opportunity for free job training for residents of 80205. Anyone is welcome to visit the Denver Green Jobs Headquarters, located in the Phillips Center at 1619 E. 35th Avenue.

“We are dedicated to creating a highly skilled and flexible workforce for the green economic sector,” said Rick Lawton, Project Manager for Denver Green Jobs Initiative. “Denver Green Jobs is a community-based engine for economic development and environmental sustainability that will help residents of 80205 access the training and support they need to successfully begin careers in Colorado’s fastest growing industries.”

Colorado is already an important national player in the renewable energy and efficiency industries, and by 2030 these sectors could generate $61.5 billion in revenues and create 613,000 well-paid jobs in the state. Nationwide, the renewable energy and efficiency industries could generate 37 million jobs by 2030 – that’s 17% of all anticipated U.S. employment. Most jobs in the green sectors are similar to roles in other industries – truck drivers, welders, roofers, machinists, construction laborers, and cashiers – and offer opportunities for entry-level employees to work their way up the ranks and build a promising career.

Denver Green Jobs Initiative participants can choose to take just one course or sign up for a career path. Course offerings combine technical and non-technical training to prepare students for success in employment, apprenticeships or continuing education. Each participant receives individual job placement assistance, including resume preparation, writing cover letters, interviewing and networking skills, and access to employers who are hiring.

Participation in the Denver Green Jobs Initiative is limited to individuals who reside in the 80205 zip code (Five Points, Cole, Whittier, Skyland, and Clayton neighborhoods).

“Denver Green Jobs Initiative is focused on the Five Points community because we have identified a strong need for training and education in order for folks to break into the high-growth industries of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable construction,” said Lawton. “Five Points is among the city’s most historical and most vibrant communities, yet one in four residents live below the poverty line, and the unemployment and crime rates are significantly higher than averages for Denver.”

Those interested in enrolling in training through Denver Green Jobs Initiative should visit or call 303-974-1900 for more information.

Denver Green Jobs Initiative is a collaboration between nonprofit, community-based organizations, private companies, trade unions, and workforce development agencies. Denver Green Jobs Initiative is a two-year project funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor.

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