TalentSolutions Community Supporters

Mi Casa is deeply grateful for the support of our Indiegogo donors who supplied the final funds needed to start-up our social enterprise staffing agency, TalentSolutions.

The generosity of these community members ensures Mi Casa’s ability to put people to work and empower them to create a better life for their families.

Ryan Baca

Lilly Holstein

Christine Marquez-Hudson

Caryn Capriccioso

Karen Fox Elwell

Phil & Donna Pepperl

Robert & Diane Hochstadt

Adam Monteforte

Jean Townsend

Arc Thrift Stores

Richard Gonzales

Kate Lyda

Peggy Montano

Ana Carrera

Gretchen Paupore

Justin Domingus

Carin Paupore

Ryan & Cali Heese

James Perez Foster

Julie Voyles

TKH Realty

Darren Jeppson

Anne & Marco Volcker

Teresa Zoltanski

Damaris Graves

Robin Behrstock

Bold Lead Designs LLC

Cynthia McLain

Grace & Salvador Peralta

Kevin Lindsay

Cile Chavez

Elma Pinilla


Andres Johnson