Congress Delays Action, Concern Grows over Arbitrary Federal Budget Cuts

This past week Congress passed a continuing resolution – kicking the can down the road and delaying action to prevent harmful cuts as a result of sequestration.”

Mi Casa, an affiliate organization of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR),  has sent messages to Congress about how the arbitrary cuts will have a devastating impact our community.  Mi Casa is frustrated that Congress is leaving town without replacing the arbitrary across the board cuts that kicked in March 1, 2013.

This is not a sensible approach to reducing the deficit, and we want to see Congress return from break and replace the sequestration with rational budget policy.

Mi Casa believes hardworking families have already paid their fair share toward reducing our national deficit.  Congress has the opportunity to replace these cuts with a more balanced approach. If they do not, our communities will suffer.

Like many throughout the country, we at Mi Casa have already felt the impact of the devastating cuts. We recently received word that our contract with the U.S. Small Business Administration would be reduced in 2013 due to sequestration. That means aspiring entrepreneurs and emerging businesses – enterprises that create jobs and generate revenue in our community – will have reduced access to free and low-cost business training and counseling programs.

As Mi Casa’s CEO Christine Marquez-Hudson emphasizes in her video message to Congress, produced by NCLR, if families are not able to afford childcare assistance or receive job training help then this means they won’t be able to go to work.  And our community wants the opportunity to work, pay their taxes and support their children who are a growing share of our future workforce and taxpayers.

We must elevate our voices not only in Denver but throughout the country.  We need to keep the pressure on our elected officials by taking a stand today and reminding them that Latinos support solutions to our budget deficit that are balanced and that include additional revenue from those who can most afford it such as the wealthiest and corporations.

Let your representatives know that our communities demand sensible solutions and budget gridlock in Washington, D.C. is unacceptable.

To get the name and contact information of your congressman in the House of Representatives click here. And to get the name and contact information of your senator click here.

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