Cassie's Story

“I would probably still be making wrong decisions if it wasn’t for Mi Casa Resource Center,” said Cassie, a 10th grader involved in Mi Casa’s Youth & Family Development programs.

In middle school, Cassie began making choices that set her down the wrong path. She was caught smoking at school and was also involved in other delinquent activities, including tagging.

Participation in Mi Casa’s afterschool programs at the Mi Casa Neighborhood Center on the campus of Lake Middle School helped Cassie get back on track.

“Mi Casa helped me realize that I needed to be a better person, and that I was a leader and needed to follow through on my promises,” Cassie said.

Mi Casa’s encouragement helped Cassie step up and the next year as she began ninth grade, she got involved with the Mi Casa Neighborhood Center at North High School. She signed up to volunteer with middle school students through Mi Casa’s Peer Mentoring program and loves the opportunity to mentor youth that may be making the same mistakes she did.

Cassie encourages younger students to take their decisions seriously, consider the consequences of their actions, and work hard to succeed despite the challenges they face.

Cassie said Mi Casa helped her develop leadership skills and find her voice to express herself and advocate for others. Cassie adds that her mother is very grateful to Mi Casa for bringing about positive change in her daughter.

“My mom loves Mi Casa. They used to call her every time I got in trouble in middle school but now she is seeing me grow beyond all that,” Cassie said. “If Mi Casa had not been there, who knows what I would be doing. Mi Casa is like another home for me.”

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