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Carmen- BBT

Carmen first heard about Mi Casa as a recent high school graduate while searching for her first job. A friend of her mother’s had a daughter who had recently completed Mi Casa’s Bilingual Bank Teller training program and Carmen jumped at the opportunity to do the same.

“As a high school graduate, if you don’t have job experience it is really, really hard to get a job,” said Carmen. “But completing Mi Casa’s Bilingual Bank Teller training program gave me the tools and skills I needed to succeed.”

Carmen appreciated how Mi Casa’s Bilingual Bank Teller program equipped her with far more than basic banking skills. The training also covered resume writing, interviewing techniques, and how to behave professionally.

“Mi Casa helped me prepare for the aspects of launching a career that I was not ready to do on my own,” said Carmen. “I learned how to create a resume, what it means to be a professional and much more.”

Carmen is approaching her first year anniversary at Young Americans Bank, a Denver bank serving youth aged 21 and younger. Alongside her duties of bank telling, Carmen also gives bank tours to Denver youth, educating them about managing money.

Carmen credits Mi Casa with helping her evolve from a full-time student to a professional employee, explaining that Mi Casa not only equipped her with the necessary skills to be successful, but also continued to check-in with her after she got the job to ensure the transition was smooth.

“Without Mi Casa, my life would be so much different. The main reason I was hired was because I had completed bilingual bank teller training,” said Carmen. “Mi Casa’s career training program gave me a huge advantage over other candidates.”

Carmen has become an advocate of Mi Casa’s career training programs, encouraging others to turn to Mi Casa for support in achieving their professional aspirations. Carmen’s older sister recently applied to Mi Casa’s Healthcare Professions training program after seeing Carmen’s positive experience with Mi Casa and subsequent success.

And Carmen is quick to recommend Mi Casa to her friends. Carmen said, “Whenever my friends tell me they are interested in working at a bank, I tell them to go through Mi Casa’s training program first.”

To learn more about Mi Casa’s career training programs, click here.

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