Career Development: Samuel's Story

Samuel enrolled in Mi Casa’s Workplace Skills and Bilingual Bank Teller career training programs with the desire to break into a stable and growing industry with strong potential for advancement.  Prior to Samuel’s time at Mi Casa, he worked as a phone surveyor but felt unfulfilled in his job due to a lack of career advancement opportunities, and Samuel longed for more interpersonal contact with coworkers and customers.

Samuel was born in Miami to a Spanish-speaking family but moved to Denver at a young age.  According to Samuel, he barely graduated high school, lacking the credits he needed to graduate on time.  The jobs he held after high school were dead-end and did not allow him to earn an income sufficient to make ends meet.  After hearing of Mi Casa’s Bilingual Bank Teller career training program from a friend, Samuel decided to enroll.  He found Mi Casa’s two-week Workplace Skills course, in particular, to be life-changing both personally and professionally.

“Through Mi Casa’s programs, I not only learned about the banking industry, but also how to behave in a work environment, how to sell myself as the best candidate for the job, and how to present myself in a professional way – Mi Casa gave me the confidence I needed,” said Samuel.

Mi Casa gave Samuel the support he needed to secure a job in the financial services industry.  Not only did he learn important technical skills to apply to his work as a teller, but also important interpersonal, professional, and communication skills, which he will draw on in any position he holds throughout his career.

Thanks to Mi Casa’s Bilingual Bank Teller program, Samuel was able to land a full-time job at Chase Bank as a teller, which he greatly enjoys.  He is learning more every day and enjoys working with his coworkers, managers and customers.   In the future, Samuel hopes to become a banker, with the goal of eventually moving up to a manager position.

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