Business Development Success Story: Marnie

Marnie has been a performer her entire life and it has always been her goal to become financially self-sustaining through her art.  Her first step to achieving this was founding Reveille Entertainment LLC in 2009, a musical theatre production company that focuses on the life, times and music of the 1940’s and WWII.  As a new business owner, Marnie realized she was operating Reveille Entertainment LLC in a reactive—as opposed to proactive—manner.  “I had an overall sense that I wanted and needed some help in growing my business, but didn’t know exactly where to start,” Marnie says.

She found the support and guidance she needed to strengthen and develop her business through Mi Casa’s Business Success program.  Through the process of the Business Success course, Marnie shares: “I learned to prioritize my goals for my business and was connected to the resources and information I was in need of.”  She also noted that the support system formed by her fellow Business Success students has proven to be an invaluable source of help and encouragement to this day. “I learned how to do smart business from Mi Casa’s Women’s Business Center,” she says, reflecting on the positive impact the program has had on her business and life.

Since graduating from the Business Success course, Reveille Entertainment has expanded its services and facilities to include vocal coaching, pageant coaching and an adaptive arts program, which have all transitioned from taking place in Marnie’s home to taking place in an external teaching and rehearsal space.  She recently began coaching three new voice students and the number of shows that her company’s musical theater group, Reveille 3, performs each year has grown from just nine shows to 60+ shows scheduled so far for 2012.

Amidst her business’s increased popularity and success, Marnie has certainly not lost sight of giving back to the community.  Reveille 3 volunteers their performance time to the Rocky Mountain USO and various events for members of the US Military and their families.

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