Be Heard!

The Colorado Nonprofit Association recently hosted 2013 Nonprofit Day at the Capitol to teach local nonprofits how to advocate for their causes and community through lobbying. The lobbying techniques shared with nonprofits by the Colorado Nonprofit Association also apply to individuals.

Though meeting with your House or Senate representative can be daunting, legislatures welcome your input! There are several ways to ensure your voice is heard:

  • Contact your Senate or House Representative: If you have an idea to amend a law or create a new one, communicate with your representative. Their staff can turn your idea into a bill to be presented to a committee.
  • Testify at committee hearing: Before a bill can be voted on by the House or Senate, it must pass through a committee. Committee hearings are open to the public and public testimony is welcome.
  • Schedule a meeting with your legislator: Make an appointment with a legislator and hand-out fact sheets about the legislation you endorse. To learn how to make the most of a meeting with a representative, click here.

Mi Casa makes sure the voices of our community and participants reach the capitol! We are currently endorsing several bills that will directly affect Latinos and low-income working families:

  • SB1 (The Working Family Economic Opportunity Package): Designed to support Colorado’s working families, this bill proposes three tax credits (a statewide Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit and Dependent Care Tax Credit) to ensure low and moderate wage earners are able to provide for their families.
  • Colorado Asset: Passage of this bill would allow undocumented students who have attended a high school in Colorado for a minimum of three years to qualify for in-state college tuition.
  • Colorado Compact: This legislation is a bipartisan effort to promote a reasonable conversation on immigration in Colorado that could lead to real and lasting federal reform.

To learn more about lobbying effectively, click here.

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