Vision & Impact

Our Vision is Latinos flourish for generations excelling in family, education, work, business and community

Our Mission is to advance the economic success of Latino families.

Our Core Values are community, integrity, innovation, expanding opportunities and connection.

To view our 2014 agency outcomes, click here.

 Five-Year Plan

Mi Casa’s five-year vision focuses on three strategic priorities:

  • Integrated Services
  • Financial Freedom
  • Community Leadership

Mi Casa’s five-year goals are:

  • Impact: Using an integrated approach, Mi Casa will empower families to increase their economic success and potential
  • Business Processes: Mi Casa has the staff, leadership and infrastructure to achieve its goals
  • Financial Freedom: By 2019, Mi Casa will generate $600,000 in unrestricted funds per year to support its mission
  • Visibility/Engagement: People in the metro-Denver will recognize Mi Casa’s name, know what we do, and consider us a leader on issues that affect our community

To view Mi Casa’s strategic plan, please click here.