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Outreach Specialist -

The Outreach Specialist acts as the primary external face of the organization regarding program outreach and participant recruitment.  He or she attends outreach events and media opportunities on behalf of Mi Casa’s career training, business development, and economic advancement programs, raising awareness of all of Mi Casa’s programs and services.  Click here for more information or to apply.

Bilingual Recruiter -

The bilingual recruiter will work closely with Mi Casa’s outreach and recruitment specialist to recruit, assess and enroll interested participants into Mi Casa’s Career and Business training programs, as well as additional economic advancement services offered at Mi Casa. This is a full-time, non-exempt position. Click here for more information or to apply.

Program Assistant

The Program Assistant is a part-time position (with the potential to become a full-time position) that serves as the first point of contact for Mi Casa’s Innovation Lab in Northeast Park Hill Denver, Colorado. The Program Assistant provides programmatic support by assisting staff, participants, partners and facilitators in all of the four program areas. The person in this position is required to work with large amounts of data. This individual will be involved in administration, marketing, training and occasional outreach for the lab. Click here for more information or to apply.

Business Center Program Specialist

The Business Center Program Specialist oversees and coordinates the everyday activities of the Business Center. The Program Specialist coordinates logistics for classes, events and workshops. This person will assist staff, participants and consultants in a variety of activities; will also be involved in data collection, data entry and reporting. The person in this position is required to work with large amounts of data and needs to be proficient at using word processing, database and spreadsheet software. This individual will be involved in promotion, some networking, and outreach for the center as well as connecting participants to supportive services.  Click here.

Patent Project Administrator

The Patent Project Administrator (PPA) will work closely with the USPTO, Mi Casa personnel, and the ProBoPat Steering Committee to administer the ProBoPat program (“PBP Project”).  This will include providing, collecting and screening application forms for qualified patent volunteers and applicants, as well as maintaining a database facilitating engagements and other tasks related to the ProBoPat program. For a full job description and to apply Click here.